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I'm afraid this section will no longer be updated. I'm sorry, but I have to translate the essays into Enhlish and i haven't got time nor english level. That's all. I'm sorry again. Anyway, I'm trying to update the Gallery more often. It's some sort of compensation, I think.

This month's essay is...


The strongest Maiar spirits from those who became servants of Melkor, the Dark Enemy, were those who were transformed into devils. In the Higher Elves' language they were called the valaraukar, but in the Middle Earth they were called balrogs, the "demons of power". Not even the dragons were so powerful from all Melkor's servants. Huge and heavy, balrogs were humanoid-aspect devils, with fire mane. They seemed to move inside of clouds of dark shadows and their members had the snakes' constrictor power. Their principal weapon was the multiple-tails fire whip and, although they also carried the mace, the axe and the flaming sword, the whip was the most feared by their enemies. This weapon was so powerful that the huge evil of Ungoliant, the Great Spider, was ejected from Melkor's Kingdom by its powerful lashes. 

The most infamous of the balrogs was Gothmog, Lord of the balrogs and Great Captain of Angband. In the Wars of Beleriand three were the high elves that died because of his whisp and black axe. In every Melkor's raising and in veveryone of his battles, balrogs were his principal champions, and then, when the War of the Rage's holocaust ended Melkor's kingdom forever, it also almost destroyed balrogs as race. 

It's told that some of them ran away of that last battle and buried themselves in the deepest part of the mountains, but for several thousand years nothing much was known about those evil creatures and many people thought that tha devils had left the Earth forever. However, during the Third Age of Sun, the dwarves that were mining in Moria at a deeper depth, liberated a buried devil accidentally. Once free, the Balrog killed two dwarf kings and, assembled orcs and trolls to help him, and ejected the dwarves form Moria forever. His domain wasn't questioned for ten centuries, till he was throwed from the highest part of the summit of Zirak-zigil by Gandalf the Istari, after the Battle on Khazâd-dûm's Bridge.