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Hi there! 41 pictures of ths best Tolkien artists. Over 12 mb, all placed in chronological order, so you can go through the books and this gallery at the same time. I've added over three megs of new pics and placed them all in chronological order. I hope you enjoy my small collection. Most of them are big-sized files, but they all have a very high quality.

The Silmarillion
Glaurung, the Dragon. 267 Kb
Glorfindel fights a Balrog. 234 Kb
The Lord of the Rings
An unexpected morning visit. 459 Kb
Gandalf walking down the shire. 212 Kb
Gandalf tells Frodo his ring is the One. 211 Kb
Frodo's "accident" in the Prancing Poney. 253 Kb
Gildor and the Hobbits. 120 Kb
The Trolls. 318 Kb
The Ford of the Bruinen. 401 Kb
Imladris. The secret valley in the Misty Mountains. 283 Kb
Bilbo at Rivendell. 416 Kb
The Fellowship of the Ring approaching Caradhras. 411 Kb
The Fellowship of the Ring approaching Caradhras. By Alan Lee. 246 Kb
The Durin's Door in Moria. 74 Kb
The chambers of Moria 236 Kb
The stairs to the Mirror Lake. 236 Kb
Frodo, Sam, Galadriel and her Mirror. 253 Kb
A white swan in Lorien. 510 Kb
The stairs to Amon Hen. 291 Kb
Treebeard. Fangorn. 160 Kb
Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli in Fangorn 291 Kb
Sam and Frodo threat Gollum. 286 Kb
Edoras with Meduseld at the top. 230 Kb
The battle of the Wall at Helm Abyss. 271 Kb
Orthanc. 258 Kb
Minas Tirith. A view of the city streets and people. 205 Kb
The White Tree of Gondor. 216 Kb
Denethor receives Gandalf and Pippin 261 Kb
Minas Tirith. The Tower and the White Tree, Gandalf and Pippin. 247 Kb
The Morannon. Frodo, Sam and Gollum watch the armies arrive. 280 Kb
Sam sees a MumÔkil. 269 Kb
Minas Morgul. 244 Kb
Sam attacks Shelob. 450 Kb
Cirith Ungol. 293 Kb
The hobbits with the orcs in Mordor. 463 Kb
The Battle of the Pelennor. 245 Kb
Eowyn fights the Witch King's Beast. 374 Kb
Eowyn faces the Witch King after Merry's attack. 477 Kb
Barad Dur. A Nazgûl flies over the Dark Tower. 422 Kb
Orodruin. 256 Kb
The "new" Shire as Sam, Frodo, Merry and Pippin discovered it. 235 Kb