Tolkien based fonts. You are supposed to know that Tolkien created some new languages for his world, as some ways of writing these languages. He created several languages for elves, one for dwarves, one for orcs, one for hobbits, and many more for humans. Of course not many of these were completely finished. The most complete languages were elvish Sindarin and Quenya. You can find a small dictionary of these languages at the end of The Silmarillion.

The Tengwar were the most commom runes for elves. For example, the Durin's Door had an inscription written in Fanor characters, which are the Tengwar. Angerthas were the other way of writing in elvish, used by most of the races, like elves, dwarves and, sometimes, humans. The Moon Runes were the less usual runes, because they needed the moonlight to be seen. In The Hobbit the map of Erebor was written using Moon Runes that Elrond discovered at Rivendell.

These are True Type for Windows. Just unzip the file and copy the fonts into /Windows/Fonts (or similar).

Tenqwar Quenya 182 Kb
Tengwar Sindarin 244 Kb
Tengwar Noldor 118 Kb
Tengwar Cursive 23 Kb
Moon Runes 18 Kb
Angerthas of Moria 30 Kb